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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111669446814820102956181116Matthew M DavorenPennant Hills2018/2019Second Grade6 1North West Sydney
210669446814820102956145106Matthew M DavorenPennant Hills2018/2019Second Grade1 1Roseville
310068232914820102959360100Matthew J SarnackiPennant Hills2018/2019Third Grade5 1Georges River
4856501831482010294812485Cosikan BeadlePennant Hills2018/2019First Grade6 1North West Sydney
5816823291482010295936981Matthew J SarnackiPennant Hills2018/2019Third Grade6 1North West Sydney
67816231621482010295619478*Ramal MadawalaPennant Hills2018/2019Second Grade8 1Auburn
7636501831482010294811563Cosikan BeadlePennant Hills2018/2019First Grade5 1Georges River
85815569221482010296394958Aman ChhokarPennant Hills2018/2019Fourth Grade9 1Warringah
9572895491482010294829857Michael HungerfordPennant Hills2018/2019Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Mosman
105711241481482010295615457Lucas McCrediePennant Hills2018/2019Second Grade2 1Epping
115111241481482010295617251Lucas McCrediePennant Hills2018/2019Second Grade5 1Georges River
12508790451482010295936050Timothy MacFarlanePennant Hills2018/2019Third Grade5 2Georges River
13509811671482010295939050Mark GadePennant Hills2018/2019Third Grade9 1Warringah
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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